I was born and raised in Big Sky Country, but had to see the rest of the world to understand just how lucky we are to live in Montana. After high school graduation, I took a year off and traveled with Up With People. Traveling the globe with a cast of 220 people from 21 different countries helped me return home with an open mind, a realization that the world is so much bigger than me, and an understanding that I need to see people for our similarities and not our differences.

I live in Great Falls with my amazing husband, the cutest little boy in the world, and two furry children (our Australian Shepherds). I have the pleasure of being the Enrollment Specialist at Great Falls College and love what I do. I am blessed to do work that helps people reach for their dreams and find a better future.



Random Things About Me

I am an only child and the youngest of 6.

I despise cauliflower.

I love skydiving.



My Values