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Take the Next Steps

What happens after you apply and complete your registration form?

You will receive an acceptance letter with your class schedule and a list of important dates (by mail) from GFC MSU Admissions.

This initial welcome letter will officially notify you of your acceptance, provide your dual enrollment class schedule and direct you through some next steps.

What do you do with the acceptance letter?

  • Read it and follow any instructions on it.
  • Pay attention to your Student ID number (listed on the letter). Commit this number to memory and/or save it in an easy-to-access and safe place.
  • Keep this letter, schedule, and important dates in your file of important GFC MSU/Dual Enrollment papers.

You will receive a bill on colored paper (by mail) from GFC MSU Student Accounts.

Registering for DE classes in any format will generate a bill from the college. You (or your responsible party) are obligated to pay the bill.

What do you do with this bill?

Pay it! Follow the instructions on the letter (or below) to do this by the first day of class.

There are several options available for payment:

On-line using credit card or e-check

  • Access the campus website at
  • Select the BannerWeb/MyInfo option at the top of the page
  • Select “Enter Secure Area”
  • Enter your NetID username and password
  • If you have forgotten your NetID information, click "reset my password" and follow instructions
  • Once logged in, select “Billing and Payment” option
  • Select QuikPay at the bottom of the page
  • Select View & Pay Accounts
  • Select “Make a Payment” and follow the prompts

By mail using a check or money order to the return address on your bill

In person at Student Accounts in Student Central using a credit card, check, money order, or cash

One of the main benefits of dual enrollment is the reduced tuition. In fact, tuition for dual enrollment classes is ½ the cost of regular tuition. The cost per credit is $57.34 so a typical 3 credit class would be $172.02.

WAIT! What about One-Two-Free?

One-Two-Free is the dual enrollment funding model that began in Fall 2018. It allows free tuition for the first two dual enrollment courses, up to six credits. After the first two free courses (up to six credits), dual enrollment students pay the discounted tuition rate of 50% (see above explanation and link below).

You will receive a letter and information (by e-mail) from GFC MSU eLearning.

This letter will inform you about how to use your online student account and the campus on-line learning management system.

Remember, you’ve registered for a college class and that means you need to use the tools that all GFC MSU college students use. Students on our campus use two on-line systems:


What is it?

Why do you use it?

Banner Web/My Info

Your online student account

To see your class schedule, add/drop classes, check grades, get unofficial transcripts, view your financial aid award, check your payment balances

D2L Brightspace (often referred to as D2L)

The online learning management system used by GFC MSU (like Moodle or Google Classroom)

To see your course syllabus and materials, to view lecture notes, to submit assignments, to check messages related to classes

If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll need a lot of numbers as a college student. You’ll need to remember your:

  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number

Other numbers/sign-in credentials you’ll need:


What is it?

Where do you find it?

Why do you use it?

Student ID Number

  • Automatically generated by the college to identify you
  • 9 characters total: a dash or hyphen (“-“) followed by eight numbers. Always include the dash.
  • Acceptance letter from Admissions
  • Bill from Student Accounts
  • In the secure are of Banner Web/My Info on Select "Personal Information" then "View IDs"
  • Creating your D2L Brightspace Password

Banner PIN

  • The password you select the first time you log into Banner Web/My Info
  • 8-15 characters that has at least one letter, one number and one special character (!@#$%)
  • You create it in Banner Web/My Info…write it down so you won’t forget it
  • Logging into Banner Web/My Info

Net ID

  • Automatically generated by the college
  • 7 characters total - numbers and letters only
  • In Banner Web/My Info
  • Once you log-in, you’ll click on “Personal Information”, then “View IDs”
  • Username to log on to computers on campus
  • Username to log into D2L Brightspace
  • Username to log into student e-mail account

D2L Brightspace Password

  • The number to log into the online course management system used by both on-campus and online students
  • You create it. Make it the same password as your Banner PIN so you only have to remember one
  • The password when you log into D2L

What do you do with the instructions from eLearning?

    • Follow the directions to create your D2L password.
    • Log-in to D2L.
    • Click on the “Select a Course” link to access your courses.

*Dual Enrollment students are automatically added to the practice D2L Student Resource Course. This course is called “Essential Start”. This is not required but we strongly recommend you complete it prior to your dual enrollment course(s). The course is designed to let you do tasks you can expect to do in your regular dual enrollment course. You’ll complete a practice assignment, submit a practice quiz, post and reply to a discussion message, and take a survey.

All of this information is available on the e-learning website at:

Dual Enrollment

2100 16th Ave South
Great Falls, MT 59405

Tel: 406.268.3700
Fax: 406.771.4329