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How to Help Your Students

Helping Students Apply & Get Registered

Dual Enrollment Students who meet the participation qualifications must apply for admission and register for courses.

Apply for Admission (once per academic year)

Admission is the process of becoming a GFC MSU student and is only done once per academic year.

Dual Enrollment students need to complete an abbreviated application for admission

The application needs to be printed and submitted with the Registration Form. *DE students do not pay the application fee and only need to complete an application one time per academic year (not each semester).

Help your students complete the application correctly. Remind them to:

  • Fill out the complete application.
  • Include all applicable signatures (including the high school counselor or dual enrollment facilitator)
  • Encourage them to start a home file for dual enrollment paperwork and keep copies of all documents

Register for classes (each semester)

Registration is the process of choosing classes and must be done each semester for each DE class. GFC MSU manually registers DE students for classes. This means, the student lists the classes they want to take on the registration form and our staff programs them into those classes.

Students must meet pre-requisites before they can register.

Many classes require pre-requisites. Pre-requisites help ensure students are prepared to be successful in certain college classes. For more information about placement requirements:

Complete the Registration Form for Dual Enrollment Students and theDual Enrollment Student Authorization for Release of Information

When to help students apply and register

For on-line or on-campus classes

Application and Registration/Release forms usually are due one week prior to the start of term.*

*Consult the Academic Calendar for all deadlines.

For Concurrent Dual Enrollment (college classes offered in the high school)

There is a different timeline. Application and Registration/Release forms are completed in the concurrent class at the high school within the first few weeks. Our Dual Enrollment Pathways Advisor will contact the school to arrange those visits.

Common Problems with Applications and Registrations

You can help minimize problems with Applications and Registrations by:

  1. Checking forms for all required signatures. Students who are 18 years of age or emancipated minors do not require a parent or guardian signature but everyone else needs them.
  2. Auditing the classes which require placement and either: a) including the transcript and standardized test scores or b) helping direct the student to placement testing by arranging the Accuplacer in your high school (if you’re a testing site) or helping them take it at the college testing center.
  3. Encouraging students to write legibly!

Not everyone should participate…

Additionally, help screen students who want to participate in dual enrollment. Although dual enrollment is a relatively low-risk way of trying college, not all students should participate. Students should demonstrate maturity, self-direction, and time-management skills. Students who have many extracurricular or co-curricular activities or demanding work or family schedules should also consider whether they can add a faster-paced, serious college class to their semester.

Dual Enrollment

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